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Parish Alive

Perhaps the best description of St Joseph Parish Alive can be summarized from the above verse in the New Testament. Pope Francis' message of rejuvenation of the Catholic Church has led us in a recent Parish meeting to establish a group called 'St Joseph Parish Alive'.The aim of this group is to educate new and existing parishioners with families about what exactly happens within our Parish. We are hoping that by communicating more clearly  people feel more welcome and in time become more actively and involved. 

We have already established a much needed Parish directory and have a team of people working on an Information booklet new parish members can be given to explain the different groups within our parish. We also have a new exciting project on the go which is a web page called 'St Joseph's Parish Alive'. This is being created so that information can be more easily accessed and updated and will hopefully eventually be linked to our Parish website.

We all strive to do what's good and go about it in our own way, according to where we are, the people we have a privilege to know; and most importantly. Gods tangible providence in our lives.

In the hustle and bustle of life, it's easy to lose that focus which anchors us in the true gifts of life, love and Eucharist. St Joseph Parish Alive is about taking some time out, to be involved in, to participate in and to help set up and to build our own place where we can share in these valuable, peace bringing gifts for ourselves, our family and others.

There are so many gifts we can share, and so many opportunities to enrich our life and our faith within the parish, and indeed the wider community. What is St Joseph Parish Alive?... It's you and I and all who lend an ear to Jesus' call to love one another.



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