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Liturgical Ministries

Our parish is blessed with various people who lend their services in different ways. One of these ways is to be involved in the liturgical preparation and celebrations as a liturgical minister.

Liturgical ministry opens up a variety of different ways to participate and share our gifts with others, to help celebrate the Eucharist  and the Word. Some forms of this ministry are - The Parish priest, Acolytes, Alter servers, Eucharistic ministers, Morning Tea, Welcoming ministry, Church wardens, Readers, Church arrangers, musicians, singers, people who create presentations for slideshows, liturgical dancers, Linen cleaners, Church cleaners etc...

These people serve the assembly to make parish life a more enriched, beautiful and giving experience. If you believe that you have a talent, and that you'd like to contribute in whatever capacity you feel comfortable. We'd love to hear from you. Use the navigation drop down menu under the Liturgy section, to find out further information about these ministries.


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