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Church Choir

The youth choir formally administered by three wonderful volunteers is being renewed and experiencing a revival. We are still in the nascent stage with new members and we are currently looking for members for this group. We would love to have your help, participation and input into the future direction of this endeavor.

If you and your child are interested in helping us out, with a goal of brightening up the Eucharistic celebration with fresh young voices. Please contact the Music Ministry team and we will be happy to welcome you and involve you in the upcoming choir events in our parish.

We have created a YouTube channel for the children's choir and we will be posting material to this channel to facilitate personal practice for the choir members. As the choir repertoire grows we will be adding more songs to this channel

The youth choir sing at the Youth masses and at special festive occasions in the liturgical calendar; though not restricted to those times only - in fact, we'd love to see young people singing with us as often as possible. The scheduled dates of the youth masses can be found under the News and Events section of this web site. All are welcome to come and participate in singing at the Saturday vigil and Sunday masses. We look forward to seeing you there. 

Click on the YouTube channel link bellow to practice along to the music and lyrics of our youth choir songs.

View the Youtube Playlist

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