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Projector preparation team

This parish is fortunate to have the projectors installed, which gives us the ability to make presentations for the celebration of liturgical services. It's particularly useful in the mass celebration, and allows - not only the congregation but; also visitors - to follow the prayers and responses said during mass, and the Hymns sung during the Mass.

A co-coordinate effort is sometimes required to prepare these presentations among different groups of people who require the material prepared - and the person who prepares the projector material for each occasion. This section of our web website is dedicated to resources that will make the preparation effort easier and more readily accessible. You will find links for song lists and templates that are already prepared and ready for use.

If you are interested in assisting through preparing and/or presenting on the projectors in church. Please contact Al Dodge (04) 5555 5555 for a run down on what is required, and how to make a start. 

We are currently preparing a quick step guides sheet which will show you how to use and operate the projectors in the church. This will be in the form of a printable PDF sheet. We will be posting this on our website as well as leaving a laminated copy in the church. This will help you to operate the screens, and will aid you in ironing out any problems that you may run into. A contact person will also be given if you run into any problems.


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