St Joseph’s is blessed with people who generously give up of their time and services to maintain, decorate and prepare the church for the Eucharistic celebration of the Mass and for special feast days and events.

As well as maintenance of the church building, we have volunteers who maintain and clean the church grounds. Some of the groups involved in this ministry are:

  • A small group of women in the parish who are currently on the Linen Roster. The weekly Linen Roster involves taking home church linen cloths for washing and ironing.
  • The church and hall cleaners. These people will come to do the vacuuming, dusting and general cleaning of the church and the adjoining church hall.
  • The church ground maintenance people. These people offer up there time to come and keep the grounds mowed, clean and tidy and periodically gernie the stairs and perform any outdoor maintenance required.

If you are interested in putting your name forward for any of these duties, you can contact the Parish office for further details. Your help will always be welcomed and much appreciated.