Minutes of Parish Mission Board Meeting 12th May 2016



7.00 pm THURSDAY 12th MAY 2016


Fr Jerzy, Pam Andreallo, Lou Andreallo, Natalia Kollar, Karen Moseley, Barbara Schofield, Brian Lane, Terry Crowe

Apologies: Tom Dawes, Tony Atkins, Clarel Farla

Opening Prayer

Minutes of meeting 11th February 2016 were accepted. White/Blue/Black “little” books have been ordered


Follow up on refurbishment of the Hall; Parish Office or Meeting Room to remain

Tom Dawes estimates that outlay should be no more than $100K

Several quotations are to hand: Archdiocese $320K, JF Building $80.3K (includes work on box gutter to correct flooding inside sanctuary)

Quotation awaited: Abronet (Luke) indication $70-$80K

Architect not required, as these are renovations

In addition toilets need upgrading as well as entrance & surrounds.

When complete, Parish Meetings likely to be held in Hall

Action: Left in Father Jerzy’s hands

Status and administration of properties for lease

Maintenance costs for Samuels Avenue properties are increasing

However it is still financially viable to continue leases

West Como properties have less outgo

Corpus Christi Procession as advised by Archdiocese

To be held Sunday 29th May after 10am Mass from St Peter’s to St Joseph’s

Then benediction. Father will prepare music. (no children on roads – OH&S)

Formation meetings for Ministers of the Holy Communion, Readers & Acolytes

Diocesan programmes are available. School Bulletin to advertise

Father has in hand

Possibility of the new arrangement of Planned Giving for new Financial year

At present, total Planned Giving goes to School. This is in excess of $40-50K after loan repayments & other necessary outgo. 100% tax deductions by donors allowed.

We should look for an arrangement whereby those who pay no tax can be separated

An accountant would be required to set up a suitable system.

Action: Father following up with CEO. Possible accountant is May (Rodney’s wife)

Maintenance of Parish property (lights, cross, gardens, roof…)

Gardens: school also to contribute, as this is a common area. 3 quotations given for gardens, 1 quotation for tree trimming, 1 quotation for gardens & tree trimming. Preference is to keep existing.

Lights: LED done by Father inside Church. LED lights on cross to connect with external lights and on for 5-6 hours per night. Attractive look of Church grounds.

Reflection of Sacramental Programmes, including baptism preparations

Baptism preparations to commence with programme conducted by Father in Meeting Room, 1st Thursday of each month.

Some points on participation of people in different ministries/inclusive approach

To include co-opting second reader at Mass if only one is available.

Possibilities of group excursion for 4-5 days to country

Lighting Ridge, Brewarrina are some possibilities.

Pilgrimage to the Holy Door of St Mary’s Cathedral

During week and/or Sunday afternoon

General Business

Banners have been produced & more to come. Sacred vessels & other visible church items have been polished as new – inspirational.

Statues – Our Lady & Sacred Heart need cleaning. Possible painting in white.

Closing Prayer

Next Meeting

Thursday 7pm, 23rd June 2016 at Meeting Room adjacent to Hall

Meeting Closed at 8.15pm