Minutes of Parish Mission Board Meeting 4th August 2016

St Joseph’s Church

Como – Oyster Bay

Meeting Minutes

Parish Mission Board August 4, 2016

I.    Opening Prayer:  Lou Andreallo

Terry Crowe called to order the meeting of the St Joseph’s Parish Mission Board at 8.00pm on August 4, 2016 at St Joseph’s Church Como Oyster Bay.

II.    Attendees:

 The following persons were present: Terry Crowe, Father Jerzy, Pam Andreallo, Lou Andreallo, Natalia Kollar, Barbara Schofield, Patrick Lim, Anne McMaster, Mary Harrison, and Clarel Farla

III.    Approval of minutes from last meeting

Terry Crowe read the minutes from the last meeting. The minutes were approved as read. Moved by Natalia Kollar and seconded by Lou Andreallo

IV.    Business arising from previous minutes:

a)    Discussion on the DA submitted to council for refurbishment – still awaiting approval. This is now in the hands of our architect. We will proceed with the internal works while waiting for approval of external work

b)    Roof repairs appear to have been successful – so far no water has entered the church from the recent rain. Downpipes need to be purged from the rooftop to clear them. Builder is making a gutter protection to prevent leaf litter entering – is yet to fit

c)    Moving of the Sacristy closer to the Sanctuary is currently in hand

d)    All renovations are to be within budget

e)    Investment opportunities explored – Number 7 Samuels Ave: the school is looking to purchase but is not yet finalized. Number 13 Sixth Avenue: purchase of this property by the Parish as an investment is in the final decision making stage – if purchased this will provide additional rental income to the Parish as well as reduce the CWF quota. (Suggestion to approach Fr Bob regarding his knowledge of properties in Sixth Ave that the Church had previously owned and those that the school may own)

f)     BBQUE for Parish use is yet to be purchased

V.    Financial Issues

a)    Accounts:            Cash Management Account – approx $55,000.00                                       Ordinary Account – approx $88,000.00
                              Term Deposit – $1.6 ml maturing in September @ 2.5%                             School loans $246,00.00 and $390,00.00

b)    Purchase of 13 Sixth Avenue Jannali:
Discussion had regarding Contract for Sale, Pest Report and conveyancing process.

Contract fairly standard contract though not comfortable with the release of deposit clause so will not be released until settlement. Purchase price $970,000.00.

Property is being sold as is with vacant tenancy and inclusions listed in the contract – suggestion to take out title insurance at a cost of $660.00 as it covers for anything that affects the title for the life of ownership

Zoning of the land is R2 low density. It would require an application for rezoning to council if the property was wanted for the school at a later date. Sewer runs through the back of the property which could affect future extension / building.

Paperwork from the Archdiocese to be completed and sent to Polding Centre along with contract for sale. Development Board to arrange cheques. Stamp duty costs $39,000.00

Purchase of the property is good for the future of the Parish

Council charges the Church rates on all investment properties as well as the Presbytery but the school and the Church are exempt.

All paperwork (forms etc) on completion to be returned to Patrick for him to file and a cheque for the 10% deposit to be arranged. Once contracts exchanged it will be 6 weeks till settlement which will allow time for completion of searches on the property regarding any possible outstanding Land Tax and Rate notices.

Copy of the contract and Building report tabled at the meeting and left with the Parish

Building report shows that there are no significant items that would require attention prior to tenanting. Given it’s an old house it will require continual maintenance and repair – it may contain asbestos and lead based paint. The house is approximately 60 years old (built in the 50″s) and will require smoke alarms. The redundant water heater in the roof should be removed, the sunken laundry should eventually be raised. Check balustrades and air conditioner are in good order. Remove rubbish from subfloor area. The home is in excellent condition for a home of its age – virtually ready to rent.

Deposit of $97,000.00 to be arranged shortly. Parish Term Deposit due to mature around 15th September ready for settlement.

The Parish Board formally agrees to the purchase of the property 13 Sixth Avenue Jannali.

VI.    New business

a) Anne McMaster has taken up secretarial duties for 10 hours per week (Mondays 3 hours 12:00 – 3:00pm and Thursdays seven hours 8:00 – 3:00pm)

Patricia Low (Patrick Lim’s cousin) has been engaged to balance financial statement for this year and Caesar (auditor from Kogarah parish) has been engaged to review the Parish accounts. Patricia will continue to work in the Parish office until a replacement has been trained – Brian Lane has offered to be trained to become Parish bookkeeper. At this stage Patricia will work for 4 hours on Tuesdays and when trained Brian will work Mondays am for 3 hours and Wednesdays for 7 hours

b)    Maintenance of the grounds:
School now to pay70% for the tree works required in the grounds using the Church’s contractors (not theirs). Next year to go to 50% / 50% with the Church and also to contribute 50% towards the grass cutting. Father has requested that the grass cutting for the Presbytery and Taplin Street property be separated from the school and Church area

Next year Fr Jerzy is to give the school a copy of the Archdiocesan document which shows the school should be contributing to the costs at a 5 to 2 ratio.

c)    Progress of refurbishment of Church and Hall: See Business Arising points a) to d). Builder is due back Monday 8th August to commence work in the Church while awaiting Council approval for external refurbishment.

d)    Bequest of electric piano: the estate of Bill Godfrey has donated an electric piano to the Church. Clarel to download the manual for use.

e)    Need to review and update the Parish WWCC listing – start with Musicians, Acolytes, Senior Altar Servers, and Children’s Liturgy. Will require updated spreadsheet with check number, names and expiry dates.

Need to ensure that training is provided and how to go about the WWCC process. Anne to coordinate, prepare spreadsheet, record details of WWCC verification and prepare a form to send out to collect the information.

f)     Crying room requires reconfiguration to remove potential danger to children due to the layout. (If a child is left unattended, toilet is in such a position that it could provide cover for unsavoury behaviour).

Suggestion made that the crying room be split in two with a glassed corridor leading to the toilet door. The resulting smaller area may be used for a Piety Store for the Church leaving the larger area as a separate crying room. This to be investigated and reported back to the next meeting.

VII.    General Business

a)    Two new Bishops to be ordained at St Mary’s Cathedral on 24th August at 7:00pm – all parishioners invited to attend.

b)    Lack of school Masses – Father requested that the school to explain why school masses have become infrequent. Parents have expressed a desire for children to attend mid-week Mass. Father to have talks with acting Principal tomorrow.

c)    Principal Anna Cindric to leave the school at the end of the year and is currently attending an In-Service at Revesby for 3 months. A panel has been convened for the selection of the new Principal

d)    Previous P & F Association had been disbanded in lieu of a parents advisory board set up by Anna – parents are requesting that the P & F Association be reinstated.

VIII.    Adjournment and next meeting date

Terry Crowe adjourned the meeting at approximately 9:50pm.

Next meeting: Thursday 15th September 2016 at 7:00pm

IX.    Closing Prayer Lou Andreallo

Minutes submitted by:  Anne McMaster

Minutes approved by:  Father Jerzy Chrzczonowicz and Terry Crowe